Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August is Art Appreciation Month

In honor of Art Appreciation Month, I have been graciously invited by Patience Brewster, to start a conversation about the wonderful artists that inspire us everyday. Patience is the artist behind the lovely Christmas ornaments her company has been producing since 2001. When she invited me to participate, i thought is was a chance to share with you about the artists who inspire me and a great opportunity to mention some of the very talented women artists i follow online.

Growing up i loved Monet, VanGogh and Degas. I could stare for hours at their beautiful use of color and brushstrokes. I also admired their creative thought process. They inspired me at a very young age to love color and appreciate art. 

A few years back i walked into a bookstore and found a mixed media book by Kelley Rae Roberts called "Taking Flight". This book inspired my love for mixed media art. 

I went home and researched this wonderful new medium and found so many talented women. Christy TomlinsonJunelle Jacobson, Donna Downey, Danielle Donaldson, Jane Davenport, Tamara Laporte and Danita

The world of art opened up to me again! I wanted to know more about the materials and process they used, so i started taking some of their online classes. It was so exciting to be inspired again!!! I've enjoyed learning from their techniques. Their art has encouraged me to introduce more traditional media into my digital illustrations. I have also found a joy in watercoloring!

Art has and will always be an important part of my life. Between the pages of my sketchbook, some gesso and washes of color, i have been able to improve on my own creative process and experience a joy through art.

Thank you so much for joining me! I would love to hear what artist has inspired you!:)

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